Fake Followers :/

My life = very full; so no long post this week! However, since the purpose of this blog is to help me stay current on news and to practice writing, I couldn’t pass up on posting a #HumpdayHighlight. Time to dig into fake followers!

I read through the New York Times “Factory Followers” earlier this week. It reminded me of an AskAManager article in which a new employee for a PR-friendly NGO was suspected of buying fake profiles to appear more influential than they actually were. It is true that social media influence correlates to perceived value ( and perhaps a better job offer, sponsorships deals, etc). Nonetheless, I certainly don’t want to spend money marketing to fake followers, nor do I feel compelled to skirt ethical lines using bots to appear more influential than I am. To have real influence takes time, thoughtful planning, and consistent execution. You think you’ve found someone who has a large influence on real people, but what if many of those profiles are actually fake followers? Onalytica, an Influencer Relationship Management Software Company, has some answers.



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