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Grab the audience’s attention. How and why people look at some messages over others is driven by both time and attention, as well as structures put in place by the mediums used.


The heart of communication is a desire to feel better in some way. What are you inspiring your audience to feel? How do they emotionally relate to your brand and organization?


Create an ecosystem that achieves the organization’s goals and meets the needs of the audience.


The volition of communication is action. What are you asking of your stakeholders, your organization, and your audience? Make the call to action clear, precise, and uncluttered.


Hi! I’m Nikki, a communications professional.

Communication is universal. Everyone has the power to do it. Whether through body language, auditory cues, or complex multi-media experiences. However, just because we are communicating doesn’t mean we are doing so effectively. Taking the time to understand your audience and designing a strategy greatly impacts community-building and the provision of trustworthy timely information when they need it.

My Approach


Identify and empathize with your audience. Who are they? What are their needs? What are their wants? Who do they trust for information? What happens in their day-to-day world? After learning more about your audience, identify what their pain points are around communication and where opportunities for improvement exist.

Think about your organization’s goals. How are you currently measuring those goals? Is there inconsistency with brand compliance? How does leadership want to engage with internal stakeholders? How are the various communications channels working together or competing with each other?


Generate ideas that can address those pain points. Are there opportunities for collaboration across internal stakeholders? Should existing processes be reviewed or improved? Does a new communications infrastructure need to be improved or implemented? Build a tactile representation for the range of ideas. Discuss with key stakeholders to see which ones are most feasible and viable.


Test, analyze and bring the vision to life. Have a process for reviewing effectiveness through analytics or other metrics of success. Be flexible and make adjustments as needed. Continue to keep your audience, organization’s goals and stakeholders in mind.

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