Indiana University School of Medicine

Communications Specialist

I supported a variety of internal communications efforts by fulfilling the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Content Development and Promotion
  • Communications Planning and Coordination
  • Client Service, Training, and Administration
  • School Communications and Professional Development

I collaborated with executives, faculty, and staff members from across the school. I often have final communications sign-off authority on deliverables, liaising with the Office of Strategic Communications for sign-off of deliverables with school-wide or strategic implications.

I oversaw website content and other communications for internal purposes and exercised creative freedom within brand guidelines when designing communications. I collaborated with IU Health, IU Health Physicians, Eskenazi Health, and more on joint projects.

Additionally, I managed part-time undergraduate student workers who provided tactical support.


The Conscientious Use of Images Illustrating Diversity in Medical Education Marketing

I contributed to a scholarly project by developing a position statement regarding representational diversity for IUSM FAPDD. As a result, I am listed as a contributor for a manuscript that was published by Academic Medicine, a journal of the Association of Medical Colleges.


2018 - 2019 | Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Hired as a marketing and communications coordinator supporting IU School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine and Faculty Affairs, Professional Development and Diversity. Developed communication plans for both offices, implementing strategies and channels to reach their respective audiences.


2019 - 2021 | Communications Specialist

Promoted to Communications Generalist after a re-organization. My role supported IU School of Medicine Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity and the Office of Strategic Communications with a focus on executive-level priority communication to faculty.

Communication Planning and Development

Most of my job centered around communication planning, documentation, development, and execution. Below are a few examples.

Part of my role was to tell stories. The blog is one vehicle to do so. Additionally, I’ve ghostwritten blogs on behalf of executive-level school leaders. 

Media Relations | Emergency Medicine Motorsports and Mass Gathering Elective

When I first learned that Geoffrey L. Billows, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and Indianapolis Motor Speedway Medical Director, leads an elective to train residents in motorsports and mass gathering medicine, I knew this would be a great opportunity for media relations. I collaborated with the Office of Strategic Communications to arrange interviews for Billows and residents with different WTHR, WRTV 6, and WFYI to discuss the program and their experiences.

Internal Communication | Program Involving Children Background Checks

The Office of the Vice President & General Counsel at Indiana University was preparing for a system-wide audit. One portion of that audit involved IU School of Medicine faculty and staff completing background checks if they participated in programs that involved minors. They reached out to the Faculty Affairs unit of FAPDD to coordinate a communication plan to ensure the background checks were completed. This a time-sensitive project which involved various stakeholders’ concerns across the university system. I developed a step-by-step plan that pleased all collaborators.

Internal Event Promotion | Diversity

IU School of Medicine hosts various unique events year-round to engage faculty, staff, and learners in conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. By collaborating with health partners and identifying opportunities to network and cross-promote, the reach of diversity communications has widened.

2021 began with record-high registrations. Annual events such as the Cultural Awareness Town Hall would average less than 100 registrations. In 2021, there were 274 registrations. The first IU School of Medicine LGBTQ Health Care Conference had 125 registrants. Now in its fourth cycle, there were 1000 registrations. The Stepping Stones of Women in Leadership series use to average around 30 registrants per event, and now registrations have more than doubled!

Communication Vehicle Creation | Volunteer Faculty Newsletter

With approximately 4,000 volunteer faculty across nine campuses, it was important to make sure this audience received content that was specific and relevant to their needs and concerns. Previously, this audience was included in a faculty newsletter that primarily contained content relevant to paid faculty. Separating that audience allowed FAPDD to craft content that uniquely aligned with how volunteers engage with the school at large. This led to an 8% increase in open rates amongst volunteer faculty.

Graphic Design

Part of my role involved creating digital and print design assets for recruitment, events, programs, and more. View a small sample below.

Emergency Medicine Intranet

The emergency medicine intranet website was in need of a makeover. The previous version was not regularly maintained, had a poor menu structure, and inconsistent messaging. The revamped website involved a series of “sensemaking” steps, to develop an intranet that better-served leadership, staff, faculty, and learners.


Check out a small sample of pictures I’ve taken for IU School of Medicine. Pictures are used for promotional materials.

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