Kid's Church at Nehemiah

Logo & Brand Update

The Kid’s Church program was started over a decade ago by College Park Church and was held at a location called “The BEACH.” Therefore, the first logo was “Kids Church at The BEACH.” Additionally, the imagery was tropical themed.

However, the Kid’s Church program’s location was changed to Nehemiah Bible Church.  As a result, the name needed to be changed to Kids Church at Nehemiah along with the brand style, from tropical to graffiti art. I went in more of a paint splatter direction to keep the elements of the original logo readable. They were thrilled with the results.

On the Web

I also created additional webpages on the Nehemiah Bible Church website so Kid’s Church would have a place online to share information with their numerous volunteers and supporters.

Volunteer Brochure

A trifold brochure was created for potential volunteers.


Check out a small sample of pictures I’ve taken for Kid’s Church.

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